Pablo Casals decided to withstand Franco and the Spanish fascist regime. He definitely stopped playing and refused all kinds of distinctions awarded by the Allies after the defeat of Nazi Germany, considering that his people was still suffering under the yoke of the dictator. Obeying his conscience, he started a new period of exile in Prades, a blessed, isolated and above all Catalan village.

Various messengers came to Prades in order to make  the Master change his decision. He would invariably answer : « it is not a matter of money, it is just a matter of morality ». The violinist Alexander Schneider finally tried his luck and spent three days in Prades with Pau Casals, offering him astronomical sums. New refusal. Schneider submitted him a proposal from the pianist Mieczyslaw Horzowksi: « you can’t condemn your art to silence. Since you don’t want to leave Prades we shall come there, a group of musicians, in order to celebrate the bicentenary of Bach’s death ». The festival was born in 1950…


After three editions conceived by the conductor Pierre Bleuse, artistic director of the Pablo Casals Festival in Prades since 2021, the audience today welcomes this major musical event in the Occitanie region with a mixture of impatience, enthusiasm, and curiosity.

Tradition and modernity, following in the footsteps of the founding father Pablo Casals, will once again preside over this new edition. By revealing artists from the international scene still little known in France, Pierre Bleuse dares to surprise the audience with varied musical repertoires; from baroque and ancient music to contemporary creations, in high places of the local heritage as sacred as the Abbey of Saint-Michel de Cuxa.

Like previous editions, the Chamber Orchestra of the Festival, a strong symbolic identity composed of 45 musicians, recognized professional soloists and instrumentalists at the beginning of their careers, will open and conclude the Festival at the Abbey of Saint-Michel de Cuxa by welcoming two young virtuoso soloists: the Swedish violinist, Daniel Lozakovich, present on stages worldwide, with Beethoven’s very romantic violin concerto, and the Russian cellist Anastasia Kobekina with the lively Rococo Variations by Tchaikovsky.


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Festival Pablo Casals de Prades Officiel
Festival Pablo Casals de Prades 2024Retrouvez du 28 juillet 2024 au 8 août 2024 la 72eme édition du Festival fondé en 1950 par le célèbre Pablo Casals à Prades. Festival de musique classique, musique de chambre, musique baroque, jazz, soul...✨Une programmation conçue tout spécialement par Pierre Bleuse , directeur artistique du festival, dans les Pyrénées-Orientales(66).Ouverture de la billetterie ce lundi 6 mai 2024 -çu du programme : 🎼 Les GRANDES SOIRÉES à l'Abbaye Saint Michel de Cuxa - orchestre et ensembles de chambre avec les plus grands solistes de la scène actuelle | Daniel Lozakovich, Astrig Siranossian, Anastasia Kobekina, Xavier de Maistre, Denis Kozhukhin, Alexander de 130 artistes ✨🎵 Les JEUNES TALENTS AND FRIENDS, des concerts de musique de chambre interprétés par les ensembles de musiciens sortants des plus prestigieuses écoles internationales ✨🎶 Le WEEKEND CLUB un Festival dans le Festival : ouverture musicale avec concerts de jazz, musique du monde, conférences et événements en plein air | Le Quintette du Hot Club de France, Soul legend, Jésus Reina...des artistes du monde entier 🌍Découvrez toute la programmation sur notre site internet : Pour vos réservations : En ligne sur le site internet du festivalAu bureau du festival : de 9h30 à 17h30 du Lundi au Vendredi33 rue de l’Hospice 66500 Prades#festivalPabloCasalsPrades #festival24 #concerts #music #classic #Festival #Occitanie ... Voir plusVoir moins
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Festival Pablo Casals de Prades Officiel
Concert final de la tournée de Printemps 🎶C'est avec un concert en Catalogne Sud, suspendu à travers les nuages, que se clôture la Tournée de Printemps du festival.Un grand merci à toutes les personnes présentes et aux artistes pour cette expérience musicale magique et ces rencontres enrichissantes. Ce samedi 27 avril à l'église Santa Helena de Rodes avec Julien Martineau et @mouratoglou_ph, un duo fusionnel mélangeant guitare et mandoline.#festivalpablocasalsprades #tourneedeprintemps#guitare#mandoline #Music #catalunya ... Voir plusVoir moins
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The enchanted framework of the Festival Pablo Casals, namely the abbey of Saint Michel de Cuxa, originates in the former abbey of Sant Andreu d’Eixalada, situated upstream and founded around 840. In the autumn of 878, a terrible flood destructed the monastery built on the river banks near hot water springs which were already known in the Antiquity, forcing the monks to flee. The community settled down in Cuxa, near an existing church devoted to Saint Germain.