The Japanese composer Sumio Kobayashi is born in 1982 in Mie. After a master’s degree in linguistics from the Hitotsubsashi University, he was awarded national and international competition prizes. He is studying composition with Hiroyuki Itoh and Joji Yuasa.

Sumio Kobayashi takes part in international festivals as composer in residence and as guest composer.

PRESENTATION OF THE WORK : “Floraison d’eau”

In this work, it is intended to express water, including its elusiveness. Although the water does not have specific shape, snow, rain ice can have a measure of form. Also, we will see the shape of water through river. In any cases, their shapes are different from geometry, and it is difficult to grasp the exact form. For the purpose of depicting non-geometric water shapes, ambiguous rhythm and ethereal sonority are used.

In this work, many types of harmonics are used to express transparency of water. Due to the reason that the harmonics do not contain many overtones, the harmonic sounds are similar to pure sound. In other words, harmonic sounds do not have deep color of sonority.

Poetry is, at the same time, regarded as an important factor in this music. Water will be poetically embodied by expressing it as it is. The title “Floraison d’Eau” came from this poetic embodiment of the water.