Igor Maia is a Brazilian composer based in London (UK). Born in Campinas (1988) he began his training in music composition in his native Brazil at the age of 13. In 2006 he moved to The Netherlands to start a Bachelor of Music Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, finishing his studies there in 2010. He then moved back to Brazil, where he started a Masters of Music Composition at the State University of Campinas under supervision of Prof. Silvio Ferraz, with a scholarship from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).
He has participated since 2004 in many festivals and workshops such as Voix Nouvelles at the Fondation Royaumont, Takefu International Music Festival (Japan) and Summer Sounds (Finland) to cite but a few. He has received since 2010 many awards including the BMI Student Composer Award (USA), National Foundation of the Arts (Funarte) Prize in Composition (Brazil) and 1st Prize of II National Composition Competition Música Hoje (Brazil), among others. Mr. Maia’s music has been performed in Argentina, Brazil, Finland, France, Holland, Japan, Latvia, the USA, and the United Kingdom.
Since 2013, he is a PhD Student at King’s College London under supervision of Profs. Silvina Milstein and George Benjamin. His PhD is kindly funded with a scholarship from the CAPES Foundation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.


Fluxus (Latin for flow) is divided into three movements, which are all connected, creating a long stretch of music without any break. The movements are divided in a Fast-Slow-Fast structure where the two outer movements have a very flamboyant character, whereas the slow movement is very intimate and provocative.
As a long journey through a river, the listener is invited to flow along the discourse of sound ; sometimes through rough waters, other times passing through the calm and reflexive stillness, appreciating the journey as much as all the moments that have passed. It is a guided journey
following the stream of sound, letting it flood through our perception.
Finally, Fluxus is a piece about contrasts of different types of sonorities attempting to grow and live simultaneously, a flow of different sounds that merge into one another while still keeping their unique characteristics.